The Web Development Path Has Been Released!

Thank you for continuing to learn on Progate. We truly appreciate your endless support.

We are pleased to finally announce the release of our Web Development Path! With this release, we have made multiple updates to Progate which are described in detail below.


Path Page

We picked the lessons that cover the necessary concepts for web development and arranged them in the most ideal order to learn.


Path Certificates

When you clear all of the checkpoints of the path, you’ll receive a certificate of completion, which will be available on the path page. After hearing a lot of helpful feedback about how the current lesson certificates aren’t ideal and how they could be improved, we have decided to replace them with these path certificates that carry more meaning. 


Lessons Page

The lessons list has been updated in accordance to the addition of the Web Development Path



The dashboard will now display your progress for the Web Development Path


Discontinued Features

  • Welcome page

  • List of Courses page

  • Lesson certificates (will take effect from March 10th, 2020)



Over the years, we have continued to improve our platform and content in order to provide the best learning experience for our users. However, throughout this journey, we have encountered a few challenges:

  • No clear direction on what languages to learn
  • People moving on to multiple languages before gaining a deep understanding of each language
  • No clear direction on where to go after completing the lessons 

In order to overcome these challenges, we undertook this major update of Progate. The addition of this new learning path will help beginners in becoming “independent coders*” with ease, as we have focused on eliminating the hurdles and difficulties that come with learning to code. 

*In Progate, we describe an “independent coder” as someone who is capable of collecting the necessary information and data in order to accomplish their goals or complete a project. Although you may encounter many hurdles throughout your programming journey, we aim to guide you to a level of high independence where you are capable of overcoming any errors you face by actively researching and utilizing different resources. 

With the release of the first “Web Development Path,” we have introduced a series of learning steps that teach our users how to create a web page or develop a web application in the most ideal and practical order. From starting as a complete beginner, you will learn about HTML & CSS, Ruby, Command Line, and Ruby on Rails, which will allow you to steadily move towards the goal set within the path while having a sound understanding of the overall project. 


In the future, we plan to continue releasing various paths, such as a web development path that focuses on JavaScript and Node.js.

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We hope you continue to learn on Progate and go through your programming journey with us.