Bringing creativity to everyone, everywhere.

Making it easier to pass first hurdle of learning to code and creating the world's most helpful, fun learning environment.

Programming gives you the power to change

Programming gives you the power to change the world.
It also gives you the power to change your life.

Our belief is based on our experiences of changing our own lives through programming.
These experiences led to our mission "Bringing creativity to everyone, everywhere".

We'll make it easier to pass first hurdle of learning to code, and create the world's most helpful, fun learning environment. To encourage and motivate people to learn programming, we'll provide a platform to change how the world learns to code.

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Team Progate

Masa Kato


Kenta Murai


Akihiko Nambu


Takuno Nishimura


Daisuke Kajiyama


Nathan Knight

i18n/l10n Engineer
  • Mkato

    Masa Kato, born in Japan in 1993, spent primary school and junior high school in Australia. After moving back to Japan, Masa attended the University of Tokyo, where he studied Information and Communication engineering.
    In July 2014, he co-founded Progate, a web service to learn programming online, which has become the largest platform to learn programming in Japan.
    Selected by Forbes JAPAN as one of the six entrepreneurs under 30.

  • Kmurai

    Born in 1992 in Mie Prefecture, Japan, Kenta attended the University of Tokyo and majored in the department of civil engineering.

    Whilst in uni, he became interested in building a company, but could not take any actions since he didn't know how to code.
    To solve this, he started a programming community at the university he was attending. After learning to code with members of the community, he became confident with programming, and was able to develop his skills further through working as a freelance engineer.

    His life changed dramatically after learning to code, and therefore he wishes to help all the programming beginners experience the same thing through learning on Progate.

  • Anambu

    Akihiko was born in Kyoto in 1991 and spent his early life in the United States.

    He graduated from the Law Department of the University of Tokyo. Although he had originally wanted to become a bureaucrat, his will to have an impact on the world of business shifted his interest to entrepreneurship. Strongly sensed the necessity of programming while struggling to output his business ideas, he started coding when he was a senior at the university. His skills improved through the experiences of product development at startups.

    At Progate, he mainly takes care of business aspects though he also does coding.

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    Takuno (Tak) was born in Fukuoka, Japan and he has lived in Tokyo, New York, and Los Angeles.
    At Progate, he belongs to the Internationalization Team. His job varies from coding to translating.
    He also travels around the world and hosts Progate School, an offline programming seminar.

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    Daisuke, born in Japan in 1995, spent his days in elementary school in Alabama, USA. After moving back to Japan, he attended Keio University and majored in economics.
    When he was in his senior year of college, he met Progate and started learning programming. After some training, he began working at Progate as an engineer. He currently belongs to the international team, writes code and also translates the lessons into English.

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    Nathan Knight was born in Nashville, Tennessee in 1989 where he studied Computer Science at university before moving to Los Angeles. For the past 5 years, he has been living and working in Japan.
    Since June of 2017, he has been in the International Team at Progate where he applies knowledge of web development, programming concepts, internationalization, and localization to help to bring Progate to the world.

Company Profile

Company Name
Progate, Inc.
July 31, 2014
Masanori Kato
Board Members
Kenta Murai
Akihiko Nambu
82,100,000 yen
East Ventures
FreakOut Pte. Ltd.
DeNA Co., Ltd.
Angel investors
Description of Business
  • 1. Development and management of the online programming learning service
  • 2. Management of the programming school

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