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An online platform to learn programming

Progate is a web service where you can learn programming online.
We offer you a fully equipped coding environment to get you started.


Intuitive Slides

Text is boring. Videos are long and dull. With slides, you can easily grasp the information visually, and learn at your own pace.


Learn by Doing

Practice is key. We have prepared a full coding environment for you in the browser, so you can apply what you've learned immediately.


Focus on Lesson Quality

We care greatly for the quality of our lessons at Progate. We are committed to the following mission
and make two promises to people in order to achieve it.

Make it possible for anyone to learn on their own, even beginners


Learn the skills required in the real world.
You can create a product in our lessons that will help you become an independent engineer.

Easy to Understand

Learning is fun when you understand the content.
Our clear, interactive lessons motivate people to learn.

Progate is your gate
to the programming world.

With a total of 10 courses and 47 lessons,
we will help you take your first step.

Bringing creativity to everyone, everywhere


To provide lessons that even beginners can understand and continue.
To help people acquire real-world skills and become creators .

We are making Progate to help you use programming
to make your dreams a reality.

Want to take a step into the world of programming? We'll be your guide.

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