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Progate Establishes a Subsidiary Company in India
Bangalore, India, 20 August 2018 - Progate has announced its establishment of a subsidiary company as a first step toward expanding its business in the Indian market.

Since launching the English version of Progate web service and expanding into the Southeast Asian market in October 2017, Progate has been growing as a platform with its iOS/Android app, and now has over 450,000 users worldwide.  


In Progate India, three local staff members have already been engaged in sales and marketing activities.  Also, a prominent entrepreneur, Sangeeta Devni, who led the 10,000 Startups initiative at NASSCOM*, the leading IT industry organization in India, for four years, has been working with Progate as Strategy Advisor since March 2018.  She has been appointed as one of the board members of Progate India.


Masa Kato, CEO of Progate comments that “Among all of the platforms for learning to code, we are confident that our platform is the best for beginners to learn how to code in a fun and interesting way.  Progate is the one that meets with increasing demand of programming education. We are very excited to finally have a local subsidiary in India so that more and more students and adults alike can use our platform to start learning to code.”


Currently, Progate has been introduced in high schools, universities and developer communities in India and the company will further strengthen its sales activities.  With India being on the forefront of Science and Technology, Progate will respond to the increasing needs of programming education by establishing a subsidiary in India where STEM education can be inculcated from primary school.

*NASSCOM: National Association of Software and Services Companies, a non-profit organization affiliated with major tech companies in India.


About Progate India

     1. Company Name

Progate Online Education Pte. Ltd.

     2. Categories

Online Programming Learning Service

     3. Founded Date

August, 2018

     4. Location

Bangalore, India

     5. CEO

Takuno Nishimura

     6. Board Members

Masa Kato, Sangeeta Devni

     7. Number of Employees


     8. Capital


     9. Shareholders

Progate, Inc. (99.99%), Masa Kato (0.01%)


Progate India Office


A member of Progate India’s staff


Sangeeta Devni, Director and Strategy Advisor of Progate India



Sangeeta Devni is an active startup's ecosystem collaborators in India and has been invited on live TV shows like News9 and BBC News London, delivered keynotes and lectures at the various events, programs and prestigious Indian institutions. Being one of the early members of NASSCOM's ambitious 10,000 Startups Initiative started in 2013, she worked towards the launching, shaping, and execution of the world’s biggest startup program, including creating platforms to promote tech entrepreneurship, building capabilities of tech entrepreneurs, driving investments in startups and assisting them with business networking.  She joined Progate in March 2018 as Strategy Advisor and has been appointed one of the board members of Progate India.


Takuno Nishimura, CEO of Progate India



Born in Japan, Takuno studied and grew up in the US.  On returning to Japan, he enrolled in the University of Tokyo and went on to lead a project that supported foreign students in getting education and job opportunities in Japan.  He joined Progate in April 2017 as an Engineer and is currently engaged in the overseas expansion of Progate in his role as Global Manager.


About Progate:

Bringing creativity to everyone, everywhere.

Progate started when its founders were inspired to empower others through programming in July 2014. Progate’s vision is to bring creativity to everyone, everywhere by providing the best learning environment in which beginners can learn programming while having fun.

Masa Kato co-founded Progate in 2014 and was selected as one of Forbes Asia's 30 Under 30 Entrepreneurs in March, 2018.  Progate is the largest online learning service for programming in Japan and has over 450,000 individual users worldwide. Progate is being used for self-study, classroom teaching as well in-house corporate trainings.


Masa Kato, CEO of Progate, Inc.


Company Name: Progate, Inc.

CEO: Masa Kato

URL: https://progate.com