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Bringing creativity to everyone, everywhere.

Programming will bring new tools and opportunities into your life.
We first want to show the world the joy of being creative.
If you think you want to become more creative, we will help you get there.

A Message from the Founders

Bringing creativity to everyone, everywhere

This is at the heart of our service everything we do at Progate.

Before we learned programming, we were students who couldn’t do anything.
In our classes, we didn’t think programming was fun and we were frustrated.

We went from that to starting our own company by learning programming with our friends and, through trial and error, we were able to software development contracts progressed.
That feeling of achievement and being totally absorbed in the joy of creating something -- I’ll never forget it.

What made us such entrepreneurial experience is that we learned programming with our colleagues, had trial and error, and got through to contract development.

We want to share that excitement of programming that changes our lives with the world.
On July 31st of 2014, we started Progate with “Bringing creativity to everyone, everywhere” as our founding principle.

Our primary mission at Progate is to create the easiest lessons to understand in the world. Also, by offering a complete environment in the browser, we are aiming to significantly lower the initial learning curve associated with programming.

Programming is a powerful tool to change your life. It’s really a waste not to try it.

Take your first step with Progate!

Masa profile Masa sign

Masa Kato



Born in Aichi in 1993. Tokyo University, School of Engineering (2013-2015). Lived in Perth, Australia during primary and junior high school. Founded Progate in July, 2014 with “Bringing creativity to everyone, everywhere” as the founding principle. Featured in “Forbes 30 Under 30 ASIA 2018”.

Kenta profile Kentamurai sign

Kenta Murai



Born in Mie in 1992. Founded Progate while studying at the School of Engineering at Tokyo University.
After starting to study programming at university, he built product development skills working as a software contractor.
“Learning to code changed my life dramatically. I want everyone to be able to have that same experience. That’s why I started Progate.”